8 Months of Video

Ishlab Studios, looking out into the wide wide world. NYCROPHONE is a music video blog catering to soulful sounds. The key is the video. As early as 2013 we had been discussing the possibility of filming live studio sessions expose artists we love to wider audiences and create a style we felt was underrepresented. NYCROPHONE has always been about video and music together and has always included  music videos right from the beginning.

2014-04-17-00.48.02 Although we had discussed producing video for some time we weren’t sure how to put together the studio, artists, and equipment but in early 2014 we got too impatient. We setup the first session with 3 artists, Lina Loi, Akie Bermiss, and May Cheung. With a single camera and at a basic light kit we were able to pull off a strong first series by partnering up with a studio in Dumbo.
Alec Complete.00_36_07_11.Still001The early challenges were technical. Our lighting was very ad hoc and done on the cheap with a simple light kit. Even with these limitations our first sessions got a great response and over the past few months we’ve continued to refine our technique, equipment setup, and formed strong partnerships. One of the biggest keys to an early stage project like this is to ask for help. It’s a tough situation but partnering up with folks is essential to grow especially if there are gaps in experience. Asking for help was very important in developing the look of the videos, especially with regards to the lighting.
The one an only Akie Bermiss at Rockwood Music Hall. From here, we’ll continue to refine the style and the presentation but also to expand how we can present the sessions. Shortly after our studio sessions, we began live concerts which are a whole new set of opportunities and challenges.

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